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T TREBBIANO  2021 0.75L - 1 bottle - Nick Tartaglia

T TREBBIANO D'ABRUZZO DOC  2021  Trebbiano 100% Alcohol  13,0% 0.75L  - 1 bottle


Description: Quintessential Abruzzo’s white wine, the grapes come from Colle Cinciaro vineyard. Single variety Trebbiano Abruzzese, vinified in stainless steel vat and bottled the spring after the harvest. In the first months after the bottling, it’s a simple wine, not very deep but very drinkable and pleasant; but, once fall-winter arrive, its structure begins to evolve by showing a strong but elegant character, with an amazing acidity and sapidity, fruity and floral bouquet. Great potential for aging. It pairs best with fish dishes receipts or drunk by itself as aperitivo.

T TREBBIANO 2021 0.75L - 1 bottle - Nick Tartaglia

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