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MIRVANA -CHARDONNAY  2017 0.75L - 1 bottle - Nick Tartaglia

MIRVANA COLLINE PESCARESI IGT  2017  Chardonnay 100% Alcohol  13% 0.75L  - 1 bottle


Description: Let’s start from the name’s origin: it’sthe owner's mother’s name. The label plays with the assonance Mirvana-Minerva (the ancient Rome Goddess, guardian of artisans too) and that’s why there is an ancient Minerva’s profile. 100% Chardonnay grapes, which come from the oldest vineyard of the estate (Colle Cinciaro) planted r as an experiment in 1980. A white wine with complex texture and structure to palate and nose with honey, vanilla, fruit notes on a mineral and salty core. Pairs greatly with roasted fishes, aged cheeses and white meats. Fermente in oak barrels

MIRVANA -CHARDONNAY 2017 0.75L - 1 bottle - Nick Tartaglia

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