CALICE BAROLO -  2012 0.75L - 6 bottles - Villadoria 46,5€/bottle

Name: Calice

Appelation: Barolo DOCG

Year: 2012

Grapes:  Nebbiolo 100%

Alcohol: 13,5% 0.75L 

Colour: Garnet red colour with an ethereal, appealing,
Bouquet: Intense bouquet reminiscent of dried roses and violets, cherries in alcohol, vanilla, tobacco, truffle and pepper.

Palate: The taste is dry, full, robust and austere but velvety and harmonious.

Serving Temperature: serve at about 18-20°C. It is recommended to open the bottle one hour before serving.

Soil type: The grapes come exclusively from mid-altitude hill vineyards situated in Serralunga d’Alba, all owned by the Lanzavecchia family. To be exact, they chose the heart of Sorì Lazzarito, a vineyard known for the production of top quality grapes. Exposure in south south-easterly. The soil is calcareous marl originating in the Helvetian Miocene age, with some layers of sannd and exposure of the chosen vineyards result in the production of high-quality, prized grapes

Vinification: The grapes are destemmed and then very soft-pressed. Fermentation takes place in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks (29°C), Duration of maceration varies from 20 to 30 days, depending on the crop. The minimum ageing period required by law is three years after the year of harvest; it takes place in 30 and 50hl Slovenian oak casks for about 30 months, after which ageing is completed in the bottle for a few months before being put on sale.

CALICE BAROLO - 2012 0.75L - 6 bottles - Villadoria 46,5€/bottle

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  • At the apex of this journey is taste, the sense that in some ways includes all the others, uniting them in an embrace. Calice represents both the complexity and the disarming simplicity of something that tends towards perfection, that contains everything, like the chalice of life, or simply a wine glass. The perfection of the circle that gathers everything into itself. In the same way, Barolo, a wine noted for its longevity and structure, becomes the symbol of this journey taken with patience and love, like a climb towards the top of a mountain.

  • Red meat dishes, braised meat and gamebirds such as pheasant and partridge, mature cheeses