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ALLADIUM - PASSITO -  2018 0.375L - 1 bottle - Az.agricola Cieck

Name: Alladium

Appelation:Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG PASSITO

Year: 2018

Grapes:  Erbaluce di Caluso 100%

Alcohol: 14% 0.375L 

Colour: old gold, shimmering.
Bouquet : enveloping, with scents of unrefined honey and candied lemon. Aromatic and musky.
Palate: sweet and fresh in the mouth. A stable structure characterised by breadth. Nicely warm, velvety without being heavy, with a pleasant hint of freshness in the finish.

Serving Temperature: serve at about 10-12 °C.

Vinification: Work begins in the vineyard, where the best bunches of Erbaluce grapes are selected, the healthiest ones, with the thinnest berries, well-coloured by the sun. The grapes are dried naturally, according to an ancient local tradition, which involves hanging the bunches on special supports in ventilated rooms, hampering attack by mould and harmful bacteria, without however preventing noble rot from developing In January, we carefully check and select the bunches of grapes, which are delicately pressed in a small wooden press, the cold must settles and then fermentation begins. After ageing in small oak barrels for at least five years, the wine undergoes a further six months of bottle ageing

ALLADIUM - PASSITO - 2018 0.375L - 1 bottle - Az.agricola Cieck

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