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VINO E VISCIOLE - 6 bottle 0,5L -20,7€/b- Vicari

Name: Vino e Visciole del Pozzo Buono


Year: 2022

Grapes:  Sangiovese 30%, Montepulciano 70%.

Alcohol: 14,5% 0.75L 

Colour: Intense ruby red with purple reflections
Bouquet: Ripe cherry

Palate: Sweet, soft with a slightly bitter aftertaste

Serving Temperature: serve at about 12 °C.

Vinification: Classic maceration, temperature controlled, with the addition of sour cherries already fermented with sugar in containers provided for the purpose.

Description: The sour cherry is a small, round cherry, dark in colour with a sour taste. The cherries are placed in glass containers with sugar, and are exposed to sunlight during the hot weeks from the end of June to July; the fermentation of the cherries yields a syrup. Sour cherries have always been a part of our tradition, they were used to make a thirst quenching drink, as well as wine. The wine has an intense ruby red colour and a full winey flavour. Sweet with a slightly bitter aftertaste and aromatic, it goes well with any dessert. In our town, it is served with “cantucci” cookies


VINO E VISCIOLE - 6 bottle 0,5L -20,7€/b- Vicari

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