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SULTANA - NERO D'AVOLA- 2021 0.75L - 1 bottle - FEUDO MACCARI


The Nero d'Avola grapes for the very rare Sultana come from a steeply sloping, bush-shaped vineyard facing north-west. The soil here is white with a limestone matrix, rich in minerals and drainage capacity. The pronounced slope and very poor soil reinforce the pedoclimatic characteristics in which the Nero d'Avola plants find a natural habitat. It is an extreme terroir, a combination of environmental and human factors, that distinguishes the Sultana vineyard from other vineyards. The light reflected by the white soils enhances the characteristics and ultimately the quality of the grapes from the vineyard


Year: 2021

Type: RED

Grapes: NEro d'avola single vineyard 100%

Alcohol:15% 0.75L 

Colour:Ruby red 
Bouquet: Imagine drinking a pinot noir, but i is a nero d'avola

Palate:Deep and well structured

Serving Temperature: serve at about 18°C. 


SULTANA - NERO D'AVOLA- 2021 0.75L - 1 bottle - FEUDO MACCARI

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