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SCAMPATO 2020 0.75L - 6 bottles - ANTONINO CARAVAGLIO - 53,1€/b


Calssification: SALINA IGT

Year:  2020

Grapes: Corinto Nero 100%  100years old

 Alcohol  13,5%

Dimension:  0.75L 

Vinification: BIG BARREL 

Description: Scampato is the name of Antonino Caravaglio's latest wine. Scampato means something like “just got away” or “escaped fate”. The ancient vines of the Corinto Nero variety grow in the cauldron of an extinct volcano on Lipari, which is one of the Aeolian Islands north of Sicily. Phylloxera never made it there. Between 1870 and 1900, the infamous phylloxera was responsible for the fact that almost all vines across Europe had to be uprooted. The phylloxera infected and destroyed their roots, so that the plants produced fewer and fewer yields and ultimately died. The new plantings were made with American rootstock vines because they turned out to be resistant to phylloxera. All the vines were torn up? No! Like Asterix's small Gallic village, some vineyards managed to survive. Since the phylloxera moved slowly but steadily from vineyard to vineyard, remote areas were spared. Like, for example, a vineyard that grows in the caldera of a volcano in the middle of the sea on the island of Lipari. That's why these vines still have a "Piede Franco" today, as the original rootstocks are called in Italy. The advantage is the old genetic material and the roots of the vines, which have often grown very deep over hundreds or more years. The deeper the root, the better the water supply and the absorption of nutrients and minerals. And this ultimately benefits the complexity and finesse of the resulting wine.

SCAMPATO 2020 0.75L - 6 bottles - ANTONINO CARAVAGLIO - 53,1€/b

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