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P PECORINO  2021 0.75L - 6 bottle - 16.2€/b -Nick Tartaglia

P PECORINO D'ABRUZZO DOC  2021  Pecorino 100% Alcohol  13,5% 0.75L  - 1 bottle


Description: This white wine comes from an historical grape, generous and eclectic which many compare to Riesling thanks to its high acidity. This grape, that originates in the area on the boarder between Abruzzo and Marche regions, was rediscovered in the nineties to later spread and impose itself all over the region. Vinified as a single variety in stainless steel vat, without skin contact. The grapes come from Puzzella vineyard planted in 2016. It’s very unique with a strong acidic streak, salty and mineral notes on the palate while exotic fruits and minerality bloom in the nose. Even if it’s a fresh white wine, it’s medium-bodied. It pairs perfectly with fat fishes dishes receipts and white meats.

P PECORINO 2021 0.75L - 6 bottle - 16.2€/b -Nick Tartaglia

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