ESSENTIA -  2011 0.75L - 6 bottles - Villadoria - 19,7€/bottle

Name: Essentia

Appelation: Alba DOC

Year: 2011

Grapes:  80% Nebbiolo 15% Barbera 5% Merlot

Alcohol: 14,0% 0.75L 

Colour: Garnet red colour
Bouquet: Distinctive scents of dried flowers such as roses and violets, spices, red fruits and jam on the nose

Palate:In the mouth it is warm, velvety and full-bodied, also as a result of ageing which gives it a slightly woody note.

Serving Temperature: serve at about 18 °C.

Soil type: The grapes come from the hills around Alba. The geographical conformation of the land and exposure of the chosen vineyards result in the production of high-quality, prized grapes

Vinification: Its composition and vinification make this a very particular wine: three different varieties are harvested together, even if the states of ripeness differ. Nebbiolo calls the shots: the Barbera and Merlot are harvested when slightly over-ripe. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks (28°C). Maceration is prolonged and lasts about 25 days. This method means we are able to obtain a wine rich in the structure and extract typical of Nebbiolo; the scents deriving from the slight concentration of the grape in the Barbera and the Merlot are very particular. After malolactic fermentation, the new wine is transferred to small second and third passage French oak casks, where it is aged for about nine months.

ESSENTIA - 2011 0.75L - 6 bottles - Villadoria - 19,7€/bottle

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  • The scent of someone or something important stays impressed on our memory forever. A scent can magically evoke the memory of the precise moment in life when it was smelt, allowing us to relive the same emotion as in the past. The wine that represents the sense of smell is my personal dream: Essentia. It contains the scents of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Merlot slightly dried on the vine. Essentia, intended both as something that enters and inebriates the senses, and as the deepest sense of everything, including wine.

  • A very particular wine which pairs well with pasta dishes with rich sauces, red meats, boiled meats, stews, and mature cheeses.