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CHARDONNAY - GENEVIÈVE -  2019 0.75L - 1 bottle - BONZANO



Year: 2019

Grapes:  Chardonnay

Alcohol: 13.5% 0.75L 

Colour: Straw yellow with golden highlights
Bouquet: :Intense, elegant aromas of spice, black figs and yellow peaches.

Palate: Persistent yet delicate hints of vanilla, honey, apples and yellow peaches. Surprisingly easy to drink and fresh.

Serving Temperature: serve at about 8-10°C. 

Vinification: aged 14 months on the lees in 225-l barrels

CHARDONNAY - GENEVIÈVE - 2019 0.75L - 1 bottle - BONZANO

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  • This wine takes its name from a comely cabaret performer, Madame Gavine Geneviève.

    According to Baron Emilio Vitta, once the owner of Tenuta Mandoletta, where the wine is made, the ghost of Gènevieve appears on 3rd January (Saint Genevieve’s day) on the staircase leading to the mansion’s central octagonal dome, sipping wine from a crystal goblet she then flings to the floor.

    Monferrato-born historian Idro Grignolio claims that Geneviève was the lover of both Emilio Vitta’s father and Cavalier Veglia, who had a round tower built near the Mandoletta to serve as his love nest.

    Geneviève vanished under mysterious circumstances. Some maintained that she was thrown down the well next to Veglia’s tower by one of her lovers in a fit of jealousy.

    Bonzano vini dedicates this label to the beautiful woman who comes back every year to haunt the Mandoletta and sip good wine.

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