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From the family-owned wine makers

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 Our philosophy has been, from the first day, to bring to Belgium highest quality wines from small and medium family-owned producers. If you go though our catalog you will hardly find any well known wine and... this is on purpose!

Behind every wine that we decided to import there is a long selection process. We had the pleasure to be the first one to take some of our wines  outside of Italy. Behind every wine there is a family that works directly in the winery. 
We focus a lot on the highest quality standard and we love to search for niche special products. We are proud to say that some of our wines are produced only in few hundreds of bottles.

In these years we have also consolidated a very expert and demanding clientele: the wines we sell the most are not the lowest cost ones but... the BEST ones. We would like to thank all the people & friends that supported us in these 10 yers!

For our 10-year anniversary we decided to create a very user friendly website and on-line shop. You are now able to search the wine per region or per type and order them with a simple click. You can securely pay online with almost any type of cards. It's our goal to provide you with a quick delivery anytime this is possible. We have also created a number of discovery boxes to allow you an easy sampling of our selection.

Browse our website & online shop and enjoy some high quality drinking !


Wine Barrels

S E A R C H  O U R  W I N E S

Pietro & Sergio

S E L E C T   B Y   T H E   I T A L I A N   R E G I O N  


S E L E C T   B Y  T H E   P R O D U C E R  

Making Wine
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